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Tips & Tricks

 Tips & Tricks 


1. How to store cheese?

  • the general rule of thumb: store in a cool environment in your fridge (3 – 5°C)
  • hard and runny cheeses: seal tightly in saran wrap
  • non-runny white mold cheeses (like Chaource) and goat’s cheese: store in a covered plastic container so it can breathe. If the texture becomes too moist, remove the cover. The ventilation in your fridge will help dry out the cheese.


2. What is the right order of cheeses when presenting them on a tray?

As is the case with most tastings you start with a mild flavor and gradually move on to stronger flavors. This also applies to cheese. We start with the cheese with the least intense flavor and usually end with a blue cheese:


  1. white mold cheeses
  2. goat’s and sheep’s cheeses
  3. semi-hard cheeses
  4. hard cheeses
  5. red mold cheeses
  6. blue mold cheeses


The first two categories can be switched depending on how strong the flavor is. Cheeses made with strong spices usually come last (for example cheese with pepper or cloves).


3. How to cut cheese?


Aanvullen met tekeningen.