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Michel Van Tricht




In 1978 Michel Van Tricht took over his father’s shop. At the time the shop did not specialize in cheese but this soon changed with Michel at the helm. Michel thinks that the most fascinating thing about cheese is the craftsmanship involved. Unlike with charcuterie or cured meats, you can still improve a cheese.


Always on the road

In the early days of his career Michel worked as a sales rep. He always loved being on the road. These days, he still likes to travel and meet people. That is also part of his success, he thinks. He always made the deliveries himself and covered several kilometers a day to supply his customers with their favorite cheese. Always with a smile, and always providing additional information about the various cheeses.


At the same time Michel transformed his parents’ delicatessen into the reputable cheese shop it is today. He did everything himself, from visiting producers to preparing orders.


Working hard together

Michel taught himself a lot about cheese but he also owes a lot to his colleagues. He does not like the word competitors. He respects everyone and gets energy and motivation from his diverse contacts. Well-known cheese mongers like Pierre Androüet in Paris or Neal’s Yard in London have shared their know-how with him. On occasion Michel had to contend with some tough competition but – thanks to the quality and service he provided – customers in Belgium and abroad soon began to appreciate him.


Michel targeted restaurants from the start. He wanted to see his cheeses on the menu in the finest restaurants. He agreed to every proposal wholeheartedly. He owes his current success to years of hard, honest work.


Today his son manages the business but he still helps Frederic where necessary. He still does what he loves best, making deliveries and chatting with people. This makes him the perfect PR man of his own company. He also gives enthusiastic presentations about cheese.


Michel’s favorite cheese: blue cheeses, such as Stilton and Roquefort.