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Jeannine Van Tricht

Jeannine runs the shop and Frédéric’s cheese & wine bar. Like the busy bee that she is, she is always the first in the shop in the morning and the last one to close the door in the evening.


Motivated and always busy

She learnt this drive first-hand as a small child. Her parents owned a butcher’s shop and although she never worked in the shop itself (she had to order her own cold cuts at the counter like everyone else) she was eager in her observations and learned a lot. She didn’t mind hard work as a child. She spent some of her best times with her father in the butcher’s workshop.


After going to secretarial college she worked for an American company for three years. Together with her childhood sweetheart Michel she decided to take over her parents’ delicatessen. The shop felt like her natural habitat. She decides what is purchased for the store and together with Michel she goes in search of new quality products. She motivates the other employees and is in charge of all the administration. You can also find her in the shop. She prepares orders and knows all her regular customers by name. She is always on hand when there is some cleaning to be done.


People and cheese have a story to tell

Jeannine thinks of cheese as a living product which is why she finds it so fascinating. The cheeses with which she works have a soul; a story to tell. Jeannine also knows the various producers herself, which makes it easier to sell their products. The same applies to her customers. She has seen the next generations come into the shop for their cheese. She really enjoys the personal contact.


Her crowning glory came in 2009 when The Wall Street Journal elected Van Tricht the “Best cheese shop in Europe” An amazing reward for all the hard work.


Jeannine’s favorite cheese: a dry, refined goat’s cheese, and mountain cheeses made by farmers who live high up in the Alps without luxury.