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Frederic Van Tricht


While studying at the catering school in Koksijde, Frederic also used to help out in the wholesale business, which was still located in Fruithoflaan at the time. He soon became just as passionate about cheese as his dad.


From the store to the wholesale business

But Michel did not let Frederic come on board immediately. The Van Trichts asked their son to work in the shop for a whole year first. He made it through the test and today he and his dad are the face of Cheese Affineurs Van Tricht.


In the meantime Frederic has taken on even more tasks than his dad. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of the wholesale business. He is involved in every aspect of the business and he loves:

  • the selection and purchase of the different cheeses
  • the ripening of the cheese
  • the customer interaction
  • the preparation and making of deliveries
  • the tastings and trade fairs


Experimenting and engaging in a dialogue

He learnt the most from his dad and from working in the business. However, Frederic also enjoys getting input from colleagues and producers. Working together with others and exchanging experiences creates an incredible synergy. Frederic gets a real kick out of importing a local cheese from a small producer or farmer.


His background as a chef also helps Frederic to think along with his culinary customers. He likes to pair the right cheese with a dish but also likes to experiment with the cheeses. He always discusses this with the customer and the cheese producer.


Frederic’s favorite cheese: Stilton and Roquefort.