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Most people think of chocolate and beer when asked to name a Belgian delicacy but Belgian cheeses are also mouth-wateringly good. The quality of our Belgian cheese producers is largely determined by the following key factors:

  • a large variety
  • wonderful artisanal products
  • the excellent expertise of our producers

This is why we also like to export them.We are proud of our Belgian cheeses and convinced that they will be an international success. 



Do you want to offer your customers something exclusive?

Choose Belgian cheeses, aged by Cheese Affineurs Van Tricht.


Find out everything there is to know about ripening cheeses at Cheese Affineurs Van Tricht.



Quality delivered worldwide

You can enjoy our cheeses all over the world thanks to transportation in chilled conditions and because of our careful ripening. We guarantee:

  • quality packaging to ensure the safety of the cheese
  • correct timing of packaging
  • fast service


We supply cheese to various countries:

  • The Netherlands
  • The United States
  • Ireland
  • The Maldives

We assure all deliveries to customers in the Netherlands and Luxembourg ourselves

You can find more information about the delivery schedule of  Cheese Affineurs Van Tricht (pdf).


For other countries we work with external distributors who assure the international distribution of our cheeses:

  • Vanilla Venture Maastricht – Amsterdam (The Netherlands and the Maldives)
  • Redmond Fine Foods (Ireland)
  • eigen importeur (Verenigde Staten)



Are you interested in distributing our Belgian or other cheeses internationally? If so, kindly contact us.