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Daily specials and specialties

Our daily specials and specialties are freshly prepared every day. You can buy them in the shop to go or eat them in Frédéric’s cheese & wine bar. We use seasonal products for our daily specials, which are not always available. We do, however, always serve the following specialties:

  • eel in green sauce
  • navarin of fish or Ghent waterzooi
  • various lasagnas
  • soup of the day
  • sauerkraut (season: autumn – winter)
  • Belgian endive with cheese and ham (season: autumn – winter)
  • cod in mustard sauce (not daily, available upon request however)
  • veal stew
  • chicken vol-au-vent

We also have various cold salads:

  • a Niçoise-style salad (season: summer)
  • tomato-mozzarella
  • Chinese salad
  • Italian salad


Book your table in Frédéric’s cheese & wine bar by calling + 32 3/440 14 05.