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Cheese Affineurs Van Tricht shop

The shop of Cheese Affineurs Van Tricht is more than just a cheese shop. This specialty store sells original and qualitative products. You will be so amazed that you won’t know where to look first. At Van Tricht we believe in two principles: origin and craftsmanship. Our friendly staff will gladly tell you more about the various products.

Belgische kazen en specialiteiten

While the 11-meter long cheese counter may look impressive it also allows customers to see at a glance what’s available. While the spotlight is on Belgian cheeses in our assortment we also sell several international cheeses. Our friendly employees will help you make a choice.

At the other end of the shop you will find a counter with cured meats as well as daily specials and specialties which are available to go. If you want to enjoy our exclusive delicacies on the spot then find a table in the adjacent tasting space called Frédéric’s cheese & wine bar. Here husbands can have a coffee while their wives shop (or vice versa of course).


What is so typical about our products?

  • a selection of gourmet products
  • a wide range of cured hams
  • champagnes, wines and specialty beers
  • some hand-picked Madeira wines
  • ready-cooked dishes
  •  bread by Poilâne, Delafaille and Toon De Klerck
  • pastries and cakes by Debailleul
  •  foie gras by Nivo Finess
  • smoked salmon, smoked eel and fresh Iranian caviar
  • dried fruit and nuts
  • traditional baked cookies
  • an assortment of olive oils and balsamic vinegars


A nice, modern shop in Antwerp

Everything has been stylishly arranged and combined. So take your time and browse our delicious offering. Some products can also be sampled on the spot. Van Tricht is like an exclusive market in a modern shop with a sleek design in Antwerp. You will be tempted to smell, to taste and to cook.


Finally you can also order various trays which we deliver to your home or office. Take a look at our cheese and meat trays.




What is so typical about our products??

  • We only sell artisanal products, with a story to tell.
  •  The quality is excellent and you can’t find them everywhere.
  • Belgium holds pride of place in our assortment.

In 2007 our shop moved to a new location in Fruithoflaan in Antwerp (Berchem). We were inspired by similar shops in Milan and London. For the design of the cheese shop we worked

Two years after the opening our store was elected “the top cheese shop in Europe” by The Wall Street Journal. . Read the article about cheese affineurs Van Tricht  in The Wallstreet Journal.