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About the ripening room and the wholesale business

In 2012 our wholesale business moved to the buildings of the De Koninck Brewery in Antwerp. Here we have the space that we lacked behind our shop in Berchem. Now we are able to receive our restaurant customers in a magnificent setting. In addition, the ripening process is taken to an unparalleled level here.




We went from 1 ripening room to 8 – a huge difference, which is noticeable. We now have more storage space so the cheeses can age longer. Every cheese is ripened in a different way. Cheeses with the same ripening conditions are placed in the same room and the refrigeration is set accordingly. This ensures that each cheese receives the specific care and aging it requires.


We achieve this with:


  • targeted ventilation
  • mist propagation systems
  • temperature and humidity meters which regulate the moisture content for every type of cheese
  • additional humidity controls


The De Koninck Brewery


The oldest brewery, known for its “bolleke”, is a monument in the city. Organize an event in Antwerp and you can be certain that they will serve “bolleke” beers. Just think of the Bollekes picnic, the Bollekes race and the Bollekes festival.


The stunning buildings in Mechelsesteenweg are located midway between our shop in Berchem and the city center of Antwerp. The brewery establishes a link between the two but also has a connection with the cheese world. All too often people associate cheese with wine – but the beer-cheese pairing is just as good. A must for connoisseurs – worth a try for others.


Although we occupy part of the brewery’s buildings, we are still two separate entities. Our independence is vital in ensuring that we can continue to supply only the best quality. However, we have also collaborated on several occasions for our unique beer cheeses among others.



Besides the ripening of our cheeses we also prepare the orders for Belgian and international restaurants at our wholesalers. We cut all the cheeses and immediately pack them. In this way restaurants can always be certain that the cheese is perfectly ripened.


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